January 2019 in Jamaica

Building bridges in cannabis policy
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Cannabis connections and collaborations

Raising awareness of opportunities, analyzing challenges of potential policy options and developing the medical cannabis industry.

Caribbean Cannabis Policy Conference

CaribCan facilitates policy, business and industry conversations to establish the Caribbean cannabis industry and collaboration opportunities, locally and globally.


The Caribbean Cannabis Policy Conference (CaribCan) is guided by the recommendations listed in the Report of the CARICOM Regional Commission on Marijuana, presented at the heads of Government meeting in Jamaica, 2018. We promote industrial cooperation in the same light as our other inspiration, CARIBCAN, the Caribbean-Canada Trade Agreement, established by the Canadian Government to promote Caribbean-Canadian trade and investment.

With Canada having legalized cannabis, there are many lessons we can learn from the Cannabis Act as we bring forward more sensible cannabis policies to our own nations across the Caribbean and build industries that can support and sustain our cultures and people.

Presented by Itopia Life and Rebel Salute Herb Curb, the Caribbean Cannabis Policy Conference further focuses on implementing sensible and sustainable cannabis policies throughout the Caribbean, touching on both industry and the intersections of community and spirituality.

Countdown to CaribCan

Bringing together our nations to learn from each other and the opportunities of the cannabis industry while taking into account medical, recreational, and spiritual perspectives as we develop sustainable local policies.










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Science and application
Learn from experts on how to grow cannabis considering various climates and needs, terpene and cannabinoid breakdowns and associated research.
Decriminalization and legalization
Panelists will discuss and provide data on varied drug policies. Hear from perspectives from varied regions on their drug policies and considerations moving forward.
Policy, poverty, medicine and opportunities
Panelists will examine the intersection of drug policy, poverty and violence, and the opportunity of both economic progression and medicine that give platform to help shift drug policy to limit negative impact.
Spirituality and commerce
Panelists will discuss how to bring forward conversations that showcase the intersection and dynamic between the traditional spiritual application of cannabis and the modern economic opportunities it provides.
Education and harm reduction
Panelists will examine legalization as a path to harm reduction and opportunity for evidence-based educational campaigns. Cannabis education is a necessity especially with the emergence of ‘new psychoactive substances’ and a lack of Early Warning Systems to evaluate the impact of new drugs. 

Event Details

Date: January 17-19 2019
Time: 10:00 AM
Day 1&2: Jewel Dunn’s River, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Day 3: Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Jewel Dunn's River

Grizzly's Plantation Cove


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